The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

1002 revision just released

Some changes you gonna find on the new rev:

[*]Removed duplicate messages
[*]Fixed linux not start properly
[*]Remove spam logs
[*]Remove not used classes
[*]Fixed issues while loading server
[*]Fixed summons can cast skills behind walls
[*]Fixed wrong messages when Multiple item drop is disabled
[*]Fixed some packet floods, clean ups
[*]Organize packets, in order to control them
[*]Fixed some possible leaks
[*]Added of missing packets
[*]Fixed some possible null pointers when monster hold pole
[*]Added some retail checks for range
[*]Fixed some typos in few messages
[*]Missing conditions for some skills
[*]Updated engine in order to show correct versions
[*]Fixed broken config in antibot system when specific mob option is enabled
[*]Code improvements for territory wars
[*]Fixed bug with banned chats
[*]Fixed item logs
[*]Retail like pole targets
[*]Remove custom codes
[*]More accurate logs for blow chances
[*]Fixed enter world minor npes
[*]Fixed community multisell issues
[*]Fixed some cancel effects not remove properly debuffs
[*]More configs
[*]Update methods using enums
[*]Fixed some formulas

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