The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

1022 revision just released

[*]Fixed one more premium drop issue!
[*]Fixed minor typo in admin create item
[*]Fixed Remove some static methods
[*]Fixed Missing broadcasts
[*]Live cursor updates when change zones
[*]Fixed item use exploit
[*]Fixed fear allow player to move
[*]Fixed broken effects
[*]Improved logs
[*]Retail like res conditions in castle siege
[*]Fixed skill enchant exploit
[*]Implement retail skill hit cancel time
[*]Fixed cubic chances
[*]Fixed refund and sell issues from community board
[*]Fixed stop cubic from others function
[*]Fixed some functions not work properly
[*]Added some concurrent fixes that cause problem in territory wars
[*]Now water characters are checked properly in order to avoid wall hacks etc
[*]Inside siege characters allowed to res if they have battle scrolls
[*]Remove some deprecated functions from custom merchant
[*]Fixed good magic from cubics
[*]Fixed topzone api links
[*]Fixed siege issues thanks to GameMaster
[*]Implement missing messages for siege
[*]Added new AIs for antharas lair mobs
[*]Fixed some event engine issues with cubic functions
[*]Rework movecontroller separate from GameTImeController
[*]Fixed next action while using bow or cast skill
[*]Fixed exploits
[*]Rework party match list
[*]Added more configs for champion mobs now supports multiple rewards
[*]Fixed siege issues and added retail messages while use control etc
[*]Fixed cubics heal conditions not work properly
[*]More retail like ais
[*]Fixed some skills
[*]Confirm some retail values for some npcs
[*]Added new utils for future usage
[*]Fixed some skill issues, dont check the conditions
[*]Fixed some airships routes
[*]Fixed some stackoverflow errors
[*]Fixed Siege checks null pointers
[*]Fixed treasure chests in XML version
[*]Now use inet address directly from game client instead of mmocore

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