The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

1034 revision just released

[*]New vote sites for vote system 2jbrasil & l2topservers
[*]Fixed debuff category, selecting wrong skills
[*]Fixed glakias in xml version could not take damage
[*]Fixed retail battlield death syndrome when die inside siegezones
[*]Fixed all cubic issues not activating properly!
[*]Remove some invalid variables
[*]Retail like checks for ConditionTargetNpcRace (now it will include all characters even if pet is UNDEAD)
[*]Fixed fly skills sometimes return player to previous location if they use potions (rush impact etc)
[*]Corrected a possible typo in smart cubic-12
[*]Fixed npc races for sql version
[*]Fixed summons not checking skill use conditions
[*]Fixed some custom npcs not contain proper npc race
[*]Fixed some debuffs not counted properly
[*]Retail like Tradewindow
[*]Fixed freya instance reconnect issues
[*]Minor correction from previous commit
[*]More syncs with xml and sql version, in order to have one core to rule them all
[*]More skill scheduler improvements
[*]Code clean up
[*]Organize classes
[*]New options for vote system
[*]Fixed some event engine issues
[*]Reduce flood protector of enchant 20 seconds to 500ms
[*]Fixed a wrong logic in scheduled skills
[*]Fixed some times revive not work
[*]Fixed skill exploits while trading items
[*]More party matching packets[*][*][*]

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