The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

1041 revision just released

[*]Fixed key of the map where outposts are stored!
[*]Fixed vote engine config
[*]Reduce store cool times in order to send properly reuses
[*]Fixed walking mobs do not return to their original route if they can’t find path
[*]Change-increased some range conditions when a player tries to cast seal of the ruler
[*]Use switch instead of if in few cases
[*]Fixed attack does not land if the player tries to use skill before attack ends
[*]Implement krateis cude
[*]Fixed some skill issues
[*]Finally new geo engine!
[*]Coded almost from scratch
[*]Advanced calculations to avoid server floods
[*]No more fail paths
[*]No more wall hacks
[*]Fixed geodata water and flying checks
[*]much more!

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