The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

[*]Fixed some encoding issues
[*]Fixed some geoengine typos
[*]Implement more methods
[*]Sync some scripts with l2j
[*]Improve some sql querries faster loads – reloads
[*]Fixed potions and consumables couldn’t be used while sitting
[*]Update GeoEgine return wrong z values
[*]Fixed possible stack over flow
[*]Fixed critical some skills cannot be casted
[*]Fixed shadow step, must remove target at any cost
[*]Remove invalid codes
[*]Missing checks avoid some calls if status is not in proper condition
[*]Fixed some event engine errors
[*]Rework movement system in order to have better positions between server and client
[*]Fixed some errors caused from geoengine like stack on rocks
[*]Fixed some issues causing players to take fall damage
[*]Fixed olympiad stadiums
[*]Fixed sometimes ships have wrong positions
[*]Fixed when player tries to go out of a ship stack him
[*]Fixed sometimes mobs have wrong positions and when click them show them in other location
[*]Fixed interaction distances
[*]Fixed sometimes cannot talk to shops
[*]Fixed some issues with npcs behind obstacles
[*]Added the hot fix for olympiads with config
[*]Fixed a bug where server could not be started if geodata was enabled
[*]Fixed high ram usage from geoengine
[*]Fixed weight skills not calculated properly
[*]Update some routes
[*]Fixed my teleport didnt use skill effect
[*]Remove delayed packet when learn skill
[*]Missing resurrection checks during territory war
[*]Properly remove buffs when disabler and continuous skill is called
[*]Fixed doors can be attacked without proper conditions using skills
[*]Temp fix summons does not follow master in water
[*]Fixed missing htmls for chamber of delusion and rim kamaloka
[*]Implement fishing champion ship

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