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[*]Fixed weight penalty skill now is retail like
[*]Fixed geodata issues with waters
[*]Implement new function for dialog answer listeners
[*]Fixed movement inside water
[*]Clean up not used codes
[*]Organize some classes
[*]Custom code to open community when talk to npc
[*]Fixed some wrong skill conditions
[*]Update engine, fixed some errors caused from wrong configuration
[*]When talk to npc buffer will open community board
[*]Update event engine, now it will send confirm window if player would like to join
[*]Minor typo prevent mass res skill work
[*]Better drop calculations
[*]Fixed Kratei cube issues
[*]Reworked some queries
[*]Missing check when try to create HQ
[*]Optimized connections
[*]Fixed critical geodata issue allow passing throw doors
[*]Fixed issues with aio item when trying to add element power
[*]New configs for cummunity teleport delay and aio item
[*]Fixed heading issues

more to come, stay tuned
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