The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files by l2jsunrise

[*] Rework npc packet send
[*] Rework summon packet send
[*] Rework monster movements
[*] Cleanup AI
[*] Use some logs form utils
[*] Correct some typos
[*] Moved some variables in proper classes
[*] Rename some methods in order to have one core
[*] Minor typo in duel effects
[*] Fixed delevel issues
[*] Fixed some missing checks for the walking manager, now we will know what is causing errors
[*] Change level from byte to int
[*] Implement missing target type ARTILLERY
[*] Fixed big bang skill animation
[*] Fixed basemul not working for magic critical
[*] Fix some duel restore buffs
[*] Implement autofarm engine
[*] Fixed minor NPE
[*] Fixed effect issues

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