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[*] Move some custom configs in proper files
[*] Fixed for now auth server not loading
[*] Fixed delevel issues, no more need for these checks
[*] Organize custom features in separate files
[*] Fixes some broken scripts example seven sign quest not give buffs
[*] Drop custom variables from skills
[*] Update pvp status calculations, less tasks etc
[*] Fixed-improve some formulas
[*] Added missing checks in logout packets
[*] Fixed some possible unclose connections using java7+ auto closable
[*] Fixed – improve retail like minions
[*] Update htmls
[*] Proper hellbound spawn depends on level, thanks l2j
[*] Fixed issue if player is dead and restart might stuck dead
[*] Clean up a bit walking manager
[*] Update some connections using java8+ auto closable
[*] Fixed some corpse issues cause of regions

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