rev update 100852481 large

[*] Fixed small typo with NpcInfoPacketsDelay
[*] Fixed door geodatas, we let geoengine to make proper checks, less overhead
[*] Fixed effects not removed with cancel properly
[*] Implement missing items
[*] Using enums instead of int values
[*] Retail like affect limit
[*] Implement missing feature for lord quests
[*] Retail like name checks
[*] Fixed doors-gates geodata
[*] Fixed PetNameTable
[*] Rework L2VillageMasters
[*] Implement missing feature reinforce sub pledges
[*] Unhardcode core functions
[*] Fixed geoengine issue allow players to attack through walls in catacombs or tower of insolence
[*] Fixed geodata issues with doors in instances
[*] Fixed minor typo for fortress security
[*] Fixed pet keep buffs in events
[*] Update ais!
[*] Update geo doors we make double checks in order to prevent geo issues inside instances etc
[*] Improve some actions in order to consume less time
[*] Fixed wall gates if you are close to them allow players to pass through
[*] AUtofarming must stop if player dies, teleports or logout
[*] Fixed territories issue
[*] Fixed wrong logic when monster thinking
[*] Prepare project to fix some packet exploits
[*] Fixed servitors not save buffs

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