rev update 100852481 large

[*] Fixed olympiad damage
[*] Fixed door issues
[*] Fixed Dark vortex wrong stats
[*] Fixed some items does not consume item
[*] Fixed change pet name
[*] Fixed simultaneous herbs while casting skills
[*] Fixed core minions spawn on ground
[*] Fixed database saves when have lazy item update true
[*] Code organize and clean ups
[*] Implement config to allow Community buffer inside instances
[*] Fixed geodata doors, no more invalid cannot see target
[*] Fixed q663 missing html
[*] Fixed beleth sample thanks to l2j
[*] Fixed some agro calls thanks to l2j
[*] Fixed Summons max buffs
[*] Fixed wrong fame increate while inside goddard town church
[*] Correct some raidboss positions
[*] Implement “big fortress” retail features for doors mechanism
[*] Reworked item drops positioning
[*] Implement find random position in geo engine
[*] Implement retail feature monster race
[*] Moved Enchant data xmls in separate folder (data/xml/stats/enchanting)
[*] Fixed some casting times
[*] Reworked auto restart system now its cron like check AutoRestart.ini for details
[*] Fixed some flooding actions from geoengine
[*] Implement ai system in order to organize script functions
[*] Improve z calculation when correcting from geo engine
[*] Implement missing skills
[*] Implement missing items
[*] Implement agathion energy retail function
[*] Implement missing effects
[*] Improve npc social actions for high populated servers
[*] Improve npc random movements for high populated servers
[*] Improve zig zag for monsters while attacking
[*] Config to edit zig zag activation
[*] Fixed von hellman boss respawn if server not restart daily
[*] Fixed territory wars battle time, did not update if server not restart daily
[*] Fixed monsters broken movement – attacking animations
[*] Fixed missing broadcast for pets causing broken animations
[*] Fixed – update some functions to be thread safe
[*] Fixed wrong enchant values for cross bows
[*] Fixed Q00625 The finest ingredient, did not spawn yetis table properly
[*] Fixed Q00382_KailsMagicCoin
[*] Fixed geoengine height checks when attack
[*] Fixed treasure chests
[*] Implement Unlock skill
[*] Fixed pailaka injured dragon used static variables
[*] Fixed Q00382 not give rewards
[*] Fixed Droplist of some monstersRemoved logs
[*] Fixed events not working afk system
[*] Removed duplicate classes
[*] Implement missing skills
[*] Implement sub stuck system, thank you Milton
[*] Fixed exploit with alt click on debuffs
[*] Fixed id factory not restore pet data
[*] Fixed Wrold info for conquerable halls
[*] Fixed Block debuff effect not working for some debuffs which are only offensive skills
[*] Update java buffer
[*] Fixed hard coded values
[*] Change game timer controller, every 5 – 10 seconds is enough
[*] Fixed hall of suffering twins not dying
[*] Fixed geo engine now allow fly in gracia areas
[*] Optimize some codes not to spam db connections
[*] Drop now used codes
[*] Remove duplicate codes
[*] Rework location now will not create objects per action
[*] Remove some den of evil mob functions causing cpu go crazy
[*] More retail like npcs and drops
[*] Fixed blessing of queen and gift of queen wrong times
[*] Missing configs for auto farmer
[*] Update community buffer, now supports enchanted buffs for premium users
[*] Fixed castle walls
[*] Better geodata checks for doors

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