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1171 revision just released

[*] Fixed olympiad damage[*] Fixed door issues[*] Fixed Dark vortex wrong stats[*] Fixed some items does not consume item[*] Fixed change pet name[*] Fixed simultaneous herbs while casting skills[*] Fixed core minions spawn on ground[*] Fixed database saves when have lazy item update true[*] Code organize and clean ups[*] Implement config to allow Community buffer […]

rev update 100852481 large

1148 revision just released

[*] Fixed small typo with NpcInfoPacketsDelay[*] Fixed door geodatas, we let geoengine to make proper checks, less overhead[*] Fixed effects not removed with cancel properly[*] Implement missing items[*] Using enums instead of int values[*] Retail like affect limit[*] Implement missing feature for lord quests[*] Retail like name checks[*] Fixed doors-gates geodata[*] Fixed PetNameTable[*] Rework L2VillageMasters[*] […]

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1120 revision just released

[*] Move some custom configs in proper files[*] Fixed for now auth server not loading[*] Fixed delevel issues, no more need for these checks[*] Organize custom features in separate files[*] Fixes some broken scripts example seven sign quest not give buffs[*] Drop custom variables from skills[*] Update pvp status calculations, less tasks etc[*] Fixed-improve some […]

The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files by l2jsunrise

1112 revision just released

[*] Rework npc packet send[*] Rework summon packet send[*] Rework monster movements[*] Cleanup AI[*] Use some logs form utils[*] Correct some typos[*] Moved some variables in proper classes[*] Rename some methods in order to have one core[*] Minor typo in duel effects[*] Fixed delevel issues[*] Fixed some missing checks for the walking manager, now we […]

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1098 revision just released

[*]Fixed weight penalty skill now is retail like[*]Fixed geodata issues with waters[*]Implement new function for dialog answer listeners[*]Fixed movement inside water[*]Clean up not used codes[*]Organize some classes[*]Custom code to open community when talk to npc[*]Fixed some wrong skill conditions[*]Update engine, fixed some errors caused from wrong configuration[*]When talk to npc buffer will open community board[*]Update […]

The best lineage2 l2jserver h5 server pack files

1080 revision just released

[*]Fixed some encoding issues [*]Fixed some geoengine typos [*]Implement more methods [*]Sync some scripts with l2j [*]Improve some sql querries faster loads – reloads [*]Fixed potions and consumables couldn’t be used while sitting [*]Update GeoEgine return wrong z values [*]Fixed possible stack over flow [*]Fixed critical some skills cannot be casted [*]Fixed shadow step, must […]