Extra features - addons

Add-ons are features that are not included in any available plan. You can obtain them by contributing to the team and enhance your gameplay according to your server’s need. Add-ons, for the time being, are separated libraries that will require installation and therefore source access.

  • Advanced Achievement Engine
  • Arabic chat system
  • In-game Live Class / Skills Balancer
  • Cancellation return buff system
  • Combine talismans command
  • Community Auction house
  • Advanced Dressme Engine
  • Community board Drop Calculator
  • Improved Buff Shop
  • Server Ranking/Museum
  • Party Matching
  • Rebirth Engine
  • Automated In-game Paypal Donation
  • Instant Certification Engine
  • Battlefield Zone
  • Rank pvp system masterio
  • Attribute system with click (forceuse)
  • .stats command
  • Fake Player (Autobots) Engine - Autobots
  • Advanced community ranking system
  • Solo PVP Zone Engine
  • Olympiad rankings on community board
  • Community board subclass changer
  • Autofarm server bot