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After many requests we are here to announce the first ingame paypal donation system that works with REST API calls. Its the most efficient and easy way to receive donations, without dependency of a website. Before i proceed on how it work’s i would like to ensure you that its totally secure and un-exploitable fully written using the latest Paypal API reference, taking into consideration all security measures.

How it works?
Using a community board, player will be navigate to the Donation Manager.
Step.1 Fill the chatbox with the email that wants to make the donation with
Step.2 Choose any of the available donations amount from the dropdown menu
Step.3 Generate the transaction
Step.4 Check the given email for the notification of the invoice and PAY IT. In cases the email is not received, the invoice request will be available on the paypal itself
Step.5 Request the reward in-game and receive instantly the reward

1. Gold or Platinum Plan
2. Business paypal account

I will upload a video as soon as i can.
In the meanwhile here’s a few images of the engine showing the process.

paypal don
paypal don2

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