Built-in features are available on all plans, even on the starter one. Keep in mind that this is just a shortlist of sunrise features, and there might be much more. Join our test server to discover them by yourself.


Features that enhance the gameplay

Vote reward system (Individual & API) Pc bang points system PvP or Pk title & name color system Private Shop alternative coin payment system Private Shop Distance system Custom Announcements system Alternative Clan Leader system Custom Augmentation system Custom distribute items system Custom skill enchant system Run of exp item bonus Character control panel Custom starting title system Restriction for Blink – rush skills while rooted Premium accounts Auto restart & auto back-up system Custom community board with a lot of services Killing spree system Character achievement reward system All in one command/item system Custom balance system Custom zones for PvP Servers


Automated events

Team vs Team Capture the flag Domination Mass Domination DeathMatch Last man standing Advanced Team vs Team Lucky chests Zombies Mutant Thunt pvp Battlefields Mini events (1vs1) (2vs2) etc


Community Board

Announcements Character control panel integrated Server informations Events statistics and Info Rankings RaidBoss online/offline informer Custom ingame log viewer(admin feature) Gatekeeper Gm-shop Symbol maker Blalcksmith Buffer Exclusive shop Warehouse Vote manager Donate manager


Character voice command

.buffer (for premium) .aioitem (for premium) .online .repair .Expon .Expoff .Xpon .Xpoff .giran .dion .oren etc .ccp (character control panel) .changepassword .premium .zone/.enter/.leave (for pvp zone) .getreward .divorce/.engage/.gotolove .join/.leave (for event)



Unique Gm-Shop Unique Buffer (Scheme) Unique Gatekeeper Donate Manager Delevel Manager Bug Reporter Achievement Manager Premium Manager Black Market Manager Mass Castle Informer Exchange Manager (Points Manager) Beta Npc Manager Wedding Manager Aio Npc Casino Manager Noblesse Manager


Implemened working instances

Chamber of Delusion Seed of Destruction Seed of Infinity Kamaloka instances Pailaka instances Crystal Caverns Tower of Naia Steel Citadel Hellbound Town Dark Cloud Mansion Fortress/Castle Zaken easy and hard Freya easy and hard Frintezza


Security systems

Highly secured captcha antibot system for farm and enchant Improved security logging system regarding exploits Highly advanced administrator security system

Frequently Asked Questions

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