Community board

In this section, you can find some images of our standard community board (alt+b) features that are included on all available plans. The Community boards can be enchanted with addons.


All npcs provided on this section are included, on all standard plans. This are not the only npcs that our emulator have to offer. Sunrise also, include on all plans, java scheme buffer, donation manager, gm-shop, blacksmith services, general services, casino manager and much more.

Automated events

Our emulator provide fully automated event engine. Everything is configurable from ingame panel which makes it easy to make your own map, or event. There are many pre-made maps and events. On the above section you will find some images of the ingame configurator and players panels.


This section will include, all non-categorized images and features. You will find some in-game gameplay images of quests,rbs, or instances. Also, there’s a characters control panel (.ccp command), admin live in-game logs viewer, and change password features.